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Initiatives for Our Shareholders and Investors

Fundamental Approach

We strive to ensure the appropriate disclosure of information whenever necessary, and actively conduct briefing sessions on our business results as well as information sessions for personal investors. These represent our efforts to achieve diverse forms of mutual communication.

《Results in FY2015》

●Number of information sessions for personal investors held: 10 (including sessions for sales personnel of securities companies, IR fairs, and events)

Dividend Policy


Our basic policy is to continue providing the stable payment of dividends as based on the trends of our business performance, as a way of returning profits to our shareholders. The dividends have continued to increase every fiscal year so far.
To thank our shareholders for their continued support, we annually present a gift of gourmet catalog equivalent to 3,000 yen to shareholders with 300 shares or more. Furthermore, we have been sending out two sets of 3,000 yen gourmet catalogue gifts (worth 6,000 yen in all) to shareholders holding more than 300 shares for more than three consecutive years.


As one of the Great East Japan Earthquake reconstruction support activities, we have set the option of donating to the Ashinaga Scholarship Society. When a shareholder selects that option, we will donate to the society the money amount equivalent to the gift of hospitality program for shareholders.

※ Ashinaga Scholarship Society
Ashinaga Scholarship Society assists children who lost their parents due to disasters and diseases, etc. to go on to school by giving or lending scholarships, and provides them psychological care, in order to materially and mentally supports dreams and hopes of those children who will play important roles in the future.

Information Disclosure Policy

On the basis of the disclosure policy, we are aiming at fair, timely and accurate information disclosure benefitting shareholders and investors to make a decision on investment. In compliance with relevant laws and regulations, we proactively disclose management strategies and financial data, etc. in order to have them understand our business activities. Information, to which the rules of timely disclosure and relevant laws and regulations, etc. are inapplicable, but which are considered helpful for investment decisions, is disclosed promptly through the Company's website, etc.

Outside Evaluation of IR Activities


Hulic's website discloses timely and detailed information on various activities of Hulic. In fiscal year 2015, our website was selected as an “excellent website” and an “excellent website, ranked by industry” in the Nikko IR 2015 All Listed Company Website Ranking. Additionally, our website also won the bronze prize in the Gomez IR Site Ranking.

Enhancement of Various IR Tools


Correspondence to

In addition to correspondences to shareholders issued semiannually, we transmit the latest topics through the IR page on our website in a timely manner. E-mails are also sent to allow shareholders to receive more timely information. Every time news about Hulic is released, we inform registrants by E-mail. (Registration is available on our website.) In the financial results briefing session, we make efforts for easy-to-understand explanations by using image materials produced with PowerPoint. On the website, materials for briefing sessions (in Japanese and English) and videos are distributed.

Approaches at General Shareholders' Meetings


The 85th ordinary general meeting of shareholders was held on March 24, 2015 with attendance of a lot of shareholders. In an effort to enliven the general meeting of shareholders, invitations to the meeting were sent out early, and we set up an electromagnetic voting method. In this meeting, we tried to explain about our business activities in an easy-to-understand way, using image materials, etc. in collaboration with the PR and IR division. A day-care center was set up on the premises of the venue in order to enable shareholders with children to take part in the meeting without worry. We will strive to have shareholders more understand Hulic through communication with them.

Briefing Session for Private Investors


We are proactively working on IR activities to make ourselves further understood by private investors. Having participated every year in seminars and fairs for private investors hosted by Tokyo Stock Exchange and Nikkei Inc. since listed, we have achieved many people's understanding of Hulic. We will promote such IR activities in which we can directly talk with private investors.

Brief Sessions for Organizational Investors and Analysts


Briefing sessions on financial results (at the end of the 2nd quarter and fiscal year) are semiannually held by Hulic's top management mainly for organizational investors. We also implement "One on One Meeting" over 100 times in Japan, in which we visit individual organizational investors to explain about Hulic. Furthermore, we have proactively developed IR activities overseas, visiting organizational investors in Europe, U.S., Asia, etc. Through those activities, we make efforts for making ourselves deeply understood by organizational investors.

Incorporation into SRI Index


Since March 2012, Hulic's stock has been selected as "FTSE 4 Good", one of SRI (social responsibility investment) indices, in recognition of CSR activities we have conducted so far and our transparent information disclosure. Furthermore, from January 2014, our stock name has also been selected as part of the “Morningstar Socially Responsible Investment Index.” We have also been continuously selected for the MSCI Global Sustainability Index Series (announced June 2015). We will strive to create a sustainable society through our business activities, in order to continue to be a company trusted by society.

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