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Creating Shared Value through PPP Businesses

Hulic promotes the creation of social and economic values through PPP projects from the viewpoint of not only real the estate business but also addressing social needs and problems.

Significance of PPP Projects

The purpose of PPP (Public Private Partnership) projects is to contribute to local economies. Public and private sectors cooperatively aim to improve new added values through exchanging information with local communities by using know-how concerning office buildings and rental apartments in order to resolve problems on land policies of national or local governments, as well as financial issues.
Taking into account what the national or local government wants through the project, we build a mechanism to increase the value through private business as in the PPP project.

Creating Values through PPP Businesses ~ Examples

Hulic strive to create shared value with stakeholders by resolving various social issues through PPP businesses.

Example 1: Nara Youtokugakusha innovation project (Completed in March 2010)
Community square to connect private facilities and Youtokugakusha
Community square to connect private facilities and Youtokugakusha

The purpose of this PPP project was to upgrade Youtokugakusha, an outdated student dormitory operated by Nara Prefecture, with leasehold money in the wake of its reconstruction, and then transfer it to Nara Prefecture. Furthermore, leasing the spare land in the premises on a 50-year fixed-term contract, a private company was supposed to build and operate privately proposed facilities including ones designated by the Ward. On the leased land, Hulic Residence Myogadani, a leasing condominium for the public, was constructed as a private facility. Conscious about the connection of two facilities, a community square with a lot of greenery was built between Youtokugakusha and the private facility.

Example 2: Hulic Asakusabashi Building (completed in February 2013)
Multi-purpose hall to create festivity
Multi-purpose hall to create festivity

The purpose of this PPP project was to construct and operate privately proposed facilities including a bicycle-parking lot and a multi-purpose space by leasing the site of former Fukui Junior High School owned by Taito Ward on a 50-year fixed-term contract. Hulic constructed a large-sized complex building with total floor area of 19,800 m2 mainly consisting of offices. In order to realize the project concept of "contributing to creation of festivity and local revitalization by attracting more people to seek entertainment around Asakusabashi, the building is responding to various purposes, for example, with a multi-purpose hall where many people can gather for events, rental conference rooms, stores, bicycle-parking lots, and a bicycle-rental service, in addition to office spaces. Its exterior appearance was designed in harmony with landscapes and the town traditions.

Example 3: Project to effectively utilize the land for the Tokyo office of Hokkaido Government (completed in September 2013)

In this PPP project, a private business operator is supposed to lease the Hokkaido-owned land for the Tokyo office of Hokkaido Government on a fix-term contract, and construct and operate private facilities including facilities designated by Hokkaido Government (Hokkaido facilities). Hulic has planned to construct a complex building with a total floor area of 6,700m2. Under the concept of building a new bridge to Tokyo and overseas, the building will improve communication. This will be achieved through interactions between tenants of the shared office, where diverse firms including venture companies gather, and Hokkaido, or among tenants, through restaurants which utilize food produce from Hokkaido. Finally, it is aimed to be a facility helping to increase the value of Hokkaido.

Creating Shared Value in this project

Creating Shared Value in this project

Example 4: Shibaura Water Recycling Center rebuilding project (scheduled to complete in February 2015)
Green relaxing space of approx. 3.5ha
Green relaxing space of approx. 3.5ha

This is a project to utilize the public land to construct a business and commercial building with the multi-function building method on top of underground sewerage facilities built by the Bureau of Sewerage of Tokyo, by leasing part of the premises of Shibaura Water Recycling Center in the area subject to the district plan. The building is Japan's largest quake-absorbing building, ensuring the high security level of responding to long-period ground motion. In order to support disaster measures, its community hall and other facilities would be used as a space to allow people who cannot get home to stay temporarily. In the approximately 3.5ha space neighboring the business and commercial building, many plants will be planted over a wide area to make people relaxed and experience the changing seasons and the pleasant atmosphere of the waterfront. This space is designed to be a multi-purpose place for exchanges such as various recreation activities, giving people peace and comfort.

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