Our Businesses

Focusing on the real estate leasing business, we are meeting the various real estate demands of our customers through activities such as reconstruction and development.

Leasing Business

Hulic owns a large number of office buildings, leasing condominium buildings, and other properties in prime locations close to stations concentrated in Tokyo's 23 wards. The leasing business is our core activity.

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  • Residential Properties
  • Retail Properties, Hotels, Others
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Reconstruction Business

Ensuring continued amenity and convenience.
We carry out planned reconstruction projects appropriate to the location and designed to harmonize with customer needs and the environment .
Our portfolio includes many properties with unexploited capacity in terms of their floor area ratio, which we recreate as more spacious and convenient facilities through reconstruction.
The reconstruction business is one pillar of our growth strategy.


Development Business

We operate a development business drawing on our accumulated expertise.
In recent years, we have launched a new business in this sector centered on public-private partnership (PPP) projects to help achieve efficient utilization and operation of public assets; and corporate real estate (CRE) projects to help achieve effective utilization of assets held by private-sector enterprises.
These development businesses are a growth driver second only to our reconstruction business.


Investment Business

We undertake investment in real estate to strengthen our asset portfolio concentrated in central districts of Tokyo metropolitan area.

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Special Features of Hulic's Real Estate Business

Special features of Hulic's real estate business
  • (1) Stable performance base in real estate leasing business We own many medium-sized office buildings in prime locations close to stations, and have a long list of reliable tenants including names such as Mizuho Financial Group.
    Most of our property portfolio is concentrated in Tokyo 23 wards.
  • (2) Low vacancy rate

    Although the vacancy rate for office buildings within the Tokyo metropolitan area is at a high level, Hulic’s prime locations and stable business base have enabled us to maintain a rate of 1% or below.

  • (3) Growth strategy based on planned reconstruction We are progressing with reconstruction at a speed which will see more than 40 buildings reconstructed in the 10 years from 2009 to 2018. Reconstruction of real estate properties with unexploited capacity in their floor space ratio allows us to increase rentable floor space, and achieve growth in income and dividends every year.
  • (4) Initiatives in future-oriented businesses In recent years, we have also actively engaged in new businesses that stay ahead of the needs of the times such as businesses related to senior care, tourism and the environment.
  • (5) Environment–friendly buildings We operate environment-friendly management based on a declared commitment to CO2 reduction. In specific terms, this includes fitting of solar panels, rooftop greening, and introduction of natural lighting and ventilation technologies developed in joint research with MIT. We are also moving ahead with our 100 Year Office Plan (creation of longer-lived buildings) which will lead to waste reduction.
  • (6) Safe and reliable buildings All Hulic’s existing buildings have undergone reinforcement to enable them to withstand an earthquake of up to intensity level 7 on the Japanese scale, while new buildings follow a basic rule of adopting the latest technology for quake-absorption, quake-damping, or quake-resistance depending on location.

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