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Development Business

We operate a development business drawing on the expertise we have accumulated in the office and leasing condominium building reconstruction business.

As a professional player in the real estate business, Hulic aims to offer services of reliable quality as the optimal business partner for our customers.
As a partner of central and local government and a partner of private-sector enterprises, we provide assistance in maximizing effective use of real estate assets.
By doing so we also aim to contribute to increasing the value of enterprises and local governments.

Central and Local Government


In Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects, the public and private sectors join forces and cooperate with the aim of efficient utilization and operation of real estate held by central and local government (public assets).

Private-sector enterprises


Corporate real estate (CRE) projects are designed to support strategies to increase corporate value by utilizing real estate held by private-sector enterprises .

  • ● Effective real estate utilization and off-balance sheet transfer in line with policy of concentration on main business
  • ● Reconstruction of obsolescent property portfolio emphasizing earthquake resistance
  • ● Building construction after information gathering on new office and retail real estate
  • ● Fund procurement using real estate
SOLUTION = Joint projects
CRE strategy distinctive to Hulic

With a portfolio of around 220 properties nationwide concentrated in the Tokyo metropolitan area and a consistent record of 5-10 reconstruction projects yearly, Hulic offers solutions making full use of the expertise at its disposal.

  Presenting custom-made solutions

In cases for instance where a special purpose company needs to be created for off-balance sheet transfer, or where Hulic undertakes development on land owned by the customer, we draw up custom-made solutions based on customer requirements and propose a strategy which goes beyond mere consulting operations to embrace financing.

  Solutions for utilization at optimal efficiency

Which is the best option—real estate trading or mergers and acquisitions? Should a building be designated for office or retail use? Hulic brings expertise to presenting a wide range of solutions.

  • By transferring their real estate portfolio off balance sheet, not only can businesses realize an improvement in financial indicators such as return on total assets: after off-balance sheet transfer, the property is still available for continued use through leasing as a tenant.

  • Taking the role of partner in a joint project, we offer strategies to support optimal asset utilization, for instance through reorganization of geographically dispersed head office and other office functions or consolidation of business bases through amalgamations and closures.

  • In response to the investor’s property acquisition requirements, we provide a warehousing function, which leads to increase in value, offers a bridging function for fund procurement until property purchase is possible, and allows the investor to adjust the timepoint of acquisition.

Value-added development

These projects work to maximize asset value by purchasing or financing new real estate and undertaking development to realize the maximum value of the property.

Urban regeneration

Development of high-quality buildings with environment, greening, and disaster prevention features
Also contributes to creating new urban centers

Local regeneration

Merging of a number of sites and redevelopment into a building with high asset value

Hulic Yurakucho 2-chome development project
  • New Tokyo Building
  • Hulic Yurakucho Building

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