Investor Relations

Medium-term Management Plan: 2016-2018

Further evolve the distinctive Hulic business model to
achieve a high rate of growth


Target Profile

  • While retaining leasing as its main business focus, the Group will pursue innovation that anticipates today's needs to achieve high rates of productivity and growth.
  • The new medium-term management plan is the second term of the long-term plan "Hulic 10 Years from Now", and will smooth the way for its early fulfillment.

Business Strategy

  1. Building of Solid Lease Portfolio
  2. Promotion of Value-Added Real Estate Businesses
  3. Consolidation of 3 Main Future Growth Businesses (senior market, environmental businesses, and tourism business) and Opening Up of New Business Domains
  4. Synergies from Combined Group Strength
  5. Comprehensive Risk Management
  6. Implementation of Balanced Management for Sustained Growth

Emphasis on balance

  • Growth potential 1.5-fold growth in ordinary income over 3 years
  • Efficiency ROE10% or more by final year of plan
  • Soundness Net debt to equity ratio: 3.0 times or less / ratio of interest-bearing debt to EBITDA: maintain at 12 times or less

Quantitative Plan

(Billions of yen)

  FY ended December 2015 FY ending December 2018 Target Increase over December 2015
<Profit plan>      
Operating income 42.0 67.0-70.0 59-66%
Ordinary income 42.5 61.0-64.0 43-50%
Profit attributable to owners of parnet 33.6 39.0-41.0 16-22%
EBITDA 54.7 82.0-85.0 49-55%
<Financial restraints>      
Ratio of interest-bearing debt to EBITDA 12.0 times * 12.0 times or less -
Net debt to equity ratio 2.2 times 3.0 times or less -
<Capital efficiency>      
ROE 13.1% 10% or more -
<Shareholder return>      
Dividend payout ratio(simplified calculation at fiscal year end) 30.5% 30% or more -

*11.1 times in Pro-forma basis

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