3 Future growth businesses — Tourism related business

3 Future growth businesses — Tourism related business

With the rise in demand for lodging from elderly travelers in Japan and growing number of foreign tourists, Hulic is developing and operating “THE GATE HOTEL” series, high-class Japanese hot spring Ryokans “FUFU series”, “View Hotel” brand and investing in other hotels.

Hulic's tourism-related business

1. Development and Operations of THE GATE HOTEL series

Hulic's independently operated “THE GATE HOTEL” targets upper middle-class guests. In addition to THE GATE HOTEL, currently operating in Asakusa, Ginza, Kyoto and Ryogoku.

2. Development and operations of high-class luxury Japanese hot spring Ryokans (Japanese style luxury hotel)

In hot spring resort areas within around two hours from metropolitan areas, Hulic group is operating Ryokans with the aim of offering the finest cuisine, spa facilities and top-level service in Japan.

3. View Hotel Brand

Nippon View Hotel became a subsidiary (September, 2019). Expanding new hotels under the view Hotel brand.

4. Investment in other hotels

Hulic has invested in hotels located in Japan's most popular tourist areas, including the Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel, Grand Nikko Tokyo Bay Maihama(an official hotel of the Tokyo Disney Resort),GRAND NIKKO TOKYO DAIBA and hotel nikko kanazawa.

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