Real Estate Development Business

Real Estate Development Business

By leveraging the expertise accumulated in its building reconstruction business, Hulic is aggressively carrying out new real estate development projects with a view to enhance its portfolio of leased properties and raise the value of the Hulic Group's assets, including real estate investment trusts (REITs).

Hulic’s real estate development business

1. Medium-size Office Buildings

Hulic has been developing medium-size office buildings situated in prime locations near train stations. The buildings offer outstanding environmental performance and are designed to withstand earthquakes and other disasters.

2. Commercial facilities in prime locations in busy city centers

Hulic has been developing new commercial facilities, particularly HULIC &New series of properties, in bustling urban areas.

3. Hotels and Senior housing facilities

Hulic has been proactively developing hotels and senior housing facilities.

4. Redevelopment projects and large-scale urban renewal projects

Hulic has been involved in redevelopment projects including large-scale urban renewal projects in high-demand prime locations.

About public-private partnership (PPP) projects

In public-private partnership (PPP) projects, the public and private sectors join forces to cooperate in the development of real estate owned by the national and local governments, aiming to more efficiently utilize public assets.

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