Office Building

For businesspeople,
the office is where countless hours are spent
and is an integral part of life.

Offices are important places where businesspeople spend many hours during their day. Their work efficiency greatly depends on how these workplace environments are designed and organized. With that in mind, Hulic is working to provide comfortable office spaces for businesspeople.

Main properties

Competitive advantages of Hulic's office buildings

The merits of Hulic's office buildings are listed as follows.

  • Safe and earthquake-resistant buildings

    All buildings owned by Hulic have been seismically reinforced to levels surpassing Japan's new earthquake resistance standards, and the latest quake-absorbing, quake-damping, and quake-resistance technologies are adopted for new buildings depending on the site.

  • About 80% of buildings* within a 5-minute walk from nearest station

    Convenient access is a major advantage of Hulic's buildings.
    (As of December 31, 2021)
    *Based on the number of properties
    *Excluding real estate for sale

  • Safety of Hulic Building
    72hr electricity supply・BCP

    Hulic adopts equipment for BCP in developing new building.

  • Environmentally friendly buildings

    For its buildings with superior environmental performance, Hulic has acquired the highest rating of five stars under the Development Bank of Japan's DBJ Green Building certification system.

  • Technology

    “Natural Ventilation System” /“Natural Lighting Louvers”

    Hulic is making practical use of natural lighting and natural ventilation systems it jointly developed with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

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