Corporate Philosophy

Providing products & services that are essential to social activities of our customers

For the realization of a society full of safety, peace of mind and trust, and for the continuous improvement of corporate value.

Our Corporate Logo

Our corporate logo depicts the letter“H” as two hands joining together. It symbolizes our commitment to our customers and the community.

Our Corporate Colors

The future blue represents our desire to create a comfortable and productive way of life. The gentle blue expresses the sense of peace and security we want to bring to people. The combination of these colors captures our company's spirit.

Our Company Name

The name “Hulic” is a combination of the three words, “human”, “life”, and “create”. The name embodies our desire to create and provide a range of products and services that will make people's lives more comfortable, more secure, and more prosperous.

Our Corporate Motto

The properties we offer are best characterized by their convenient locations and future-oriented specifications, as most are located within a five-minute walk to a train station and fitted with innovative features, including the latest environmental and quake-resistance technologies. Our corporate motto expresses the proximity to stations and our strong desire to consistently propose new values for the future.

Meaning of the Hulic Group's motto

The Hulic Group's motto expresses its two great ambitions. The first is to help shape a society in which people can feel both relaxed and productive. The second is to offer high quality products and services that will provide people with an unshakable sense of safety and peace of mind in their daily lives.

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