Corporate information

When was Hulic Co., Ltd. established?
The Company was established in March 1957. (The official registered date is March 1931, the establishment date of the former Shoei Co., Ltd.)
When was the Company’s stock listed?
The Company’s stock was listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange on November 11, 2008. (The former Shoei Co., Ltd.’s stock was listed on May 16, 1949.)
What is the Company’s corporate philosophy?
We seek to bring about a safer and more secure society by providing the products and services that are fundamental to our customers’ daily lives.
Can you outline the Company’s business activities?
The mainstay of our business is real estate leasing. Office building leasing is the core activity, based on 259 properties concentrated in Tokyo’s 23 wards.
Can you outline the Company’s initiatives in the area of sustainability / corporate social responsibility?
We have formulated Sustainability Vision and established Sustainability Committee to promote sustainability activities.

Stock information

What is the Company’s securities code?
Our securities code number is 3003.
How many shares are there in a trading unit?
One trading unit consists of 100 shares.
Can you tell us about the Company’s dividend policy?
When distributing profits to shareholders, our basic policy is to make decisions based on an overall appraisal of business performance, the business environment, investment plans, and other factors, ensuring a balance is struck with the need to maintain internal reserves.
Has the Company issued corporate bonds?
The relevant information can be viewed here.
When is the date of record for shareholders?
The date is December 31. For interim dividends, the date is June 30.
What is the Company’s current stock price?
Stock price information can be viewed here.

The Company’s accounts and finances

When is the settlement date?
The settlement date is December 31.
What is the scheduled date for announcement of the Company’s financial results?
The announcement date for our financial results is in February.
When is the annual general meeting of shareholders?
The meeting is held toward the end of March each year.
Where can the latest financial information be found?
The information is posted in the Financial Results section of the IR Library.
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