Medium-and Long-term Management Plan

Medium-and Long-term Management Plan: 2020-2029

Hulic has come close to achieving its goal of ¥85 billion in ordinary income 4 years ahead of schedule under the long-term management plan (to 2023).
Therefore, new long-term management plan (2020-2029) has been formulated with the goal of achieving ordinary (recurring) income of ¥180 billion in 10 years by 2029, and will start with the new medium-term management plan (2020-2022) as the first phase.

Target Profile

With a focus on reform and speed, the Hulic Group will strive to continue realizing sustainable growth in corporate value through evolution by responding flexibly to changes in the environment.

Basic Policy

Ensuring excellent balances of “PL Growth” “Profitability” “B/S Soundness” and “Productivity (efficiency)”

Basic Strategy

  1. Innovate business and recreate lease portfolio
  2. Strengthen development business and value-added real estate business
  3. Create unique new business domains and enhance Group strengths
  4. Strengthen management foundations and thorough risk management
  5. Manage with an emphasis on sustainability to achieve co-creation and co-existence between society and corporation.

Quantity Plan (FY2020)

(Billions of yen)

  FY2019 Result FY 2022 1st phase
End of MTP
FY 2029
(in 10 years)
Ordinary Income 84.6 bn yen 110bn yen 180bn yen
Debt/ EBITDA* 10.1 times 12 times or less 12 times or less
Net debt to equity ratio* 2.0 times 3 times or less 3 times or less
ROE 13.6 times 10% or more 10% or more
<Shareholder Return>
Dividend payout ratio 35.4 % Approx. 40% Approx. 40%

*50%(75bn) of Hybrid finance issued in 2018 (150bn) is calculated as equity

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