Environmental Awareness and Education for Employees

We work on environmental education and awareness activities in order to enable each employee to voluntarily act toward the improvement of environmental performance.

Environmental Education

Satoyama Conservation Activities

The Hulic Group participates every year in the Tokyo Green Ship Action, organized by the Bureau of Environment of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, to raise environmental awareness, and engages in volunteer activities such as rice harvesting and trimming weeds and shrubs at the foots of mountains. These activities, with participation by many employees every year, provide them good opportunities to learn about biodiversity.

Satoyama Conservation Activities: rice harvesting experience, trimming of shrubs and weeds

New Hire Training

Training for newly hired recently graduated employees upon joining the company includes detailed explanations regarding the development of renewable energy equipment, the introduction of longer life designs and eco-friendly technologies into building development and environmental efforts such as fireproof wooden construction initiatives, all in an effort to inculcate awareness of the environment as soon as new employees are hired.

Afforestation Training

Hulic's policy is to plant trees used for fireproof wooden buildings as an initiative promoting forest regeneration to realize a recycling-oriented society and reductions in CO2 emissions targeting a carbon-free society. To this end, Hulic conducts afforestation training so that employees experience the forest lifecycle. This activity provides opportunities to think about environmental protection and communicate across the entire Company.
(In FY2021, afforestation training was cancelled due to COVID-19.)

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