Initiatives for Energy Conservation

Introduction of LED Lighting and Illumination Control Devices

Hulic has realized a significant level of reduction in CO2 emissions by introducing lighting systems with high energy-saving performance such as LED lighting and illumination control devices including sensors to detect people and daylight.

Introduction of LED Lighting

Use of LED lighting, which is brighter than incandescent lamps and fluorescents and uses less electricity, helps to significantly reduce power consumption and CO2 emissions. Furthermore, as LED lighting is long lasting, it is possible to not only save the trouble of maintenance such as changing bulbs, but also reduce waste and effectively use resources. In princple, all Hulic’s development projects use LED lighting. We are also sequentially switching over to high-efficiency lighting and LED lighting at our existing buildings as part of energy efficiency renovation work.

Space with LED lighting system (Hulic Ginza Sukiyabashi Building)

Introducing Low Energy Consumption, CO2 Emissions-reducing Facilities to Nursing Homes

We have been actively installing low energy consumption and CO2 emissions-reducing facilities to our nursing homes. Many of our nursing homes including Trust Garden Ogikubo, Charm Premier Yamatecho and Hospitalment Bunkyo Yayoi are equipped with photovoltaic panels on their rooftops to provide electric power to the common areas. The natural lighting system is installed on the top floor of Granda Inamuragasaki Kamakura Aoitei with a skylight. Furthermore, all of our nursing homes completed in 2019 adopted LED light bulbs for energy-saving purposes. Other facilities we are keen on installing include natural ventilation system, panel heating and cooling system, highly efficient water heater, to name a few.

Atrium which installed natural ventilation system
(Hospitalment Musashino)

Photovoltaic panels on the rooftop
(Kamakura Aoitei)

Use of Systems that Make it Easier for Tenants to Conserve Energy

The Hulic Group has begun rolling out a visualization system that freely controls air conditioning use in order to provide a better understanding of a building's use of energy. This system enables tenants to set the optimal working environment temperature for their business and makes it easier to implement energy conservation measures.

Visualization system
(Hulic Asakusabashi Building)
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