Collaboration with Business Partners

Fundamental Approach

We aim for close mutual communication with our business partners, and build relationships that mutually enhance the corporate value of both parties. Additionally, Hulic strives to create shared value with stakeholders by resolving various social issues through PPP business.

《Results in FY2020》

Evaluated the status of work implementation of outsourced property management companies

Fair Trades with Outsourced Contractors

Considering long-term business relationships with outsourced contractors, we work to ensure fair trade with them as a partner on an equal footing. Regarding outsourcing by the real estate business division, we ensure fair trade based on the rules for real estate outsourcing management, respecting related laws and regulations as well as guidances from administrative organizations. We select an outsourcing contractor that is most appropriate for each project by checking track record and abilities to execute operations.

Cooperation with Building Management Companies

Hulic Building Management Co., Ltd. inspects and evaluates management conditions once a year based on the rules for real estate outsourcing management and and makes a round to provides guidance to each company based on the assessment results.

Link: Initiatives for Providing Healthy and Comfortable Spaces

Educational Activities through Compliance Training

Our compliance manual (the code of conduct) specifies business entertainment/gift and prohibition of bribery. We implement internal compliance training in a timely manner to raise awareness among our employees of rules such as prohibiting giving donations, offering business entertainment, and giving gifts to public servants or other interested parties. Furthermore, twice a year, our Legal & Compliance Department monitors whether each department properly manages the entertainment of interested parties and the acceptance or offering of gifts or other articles. All employees are reminded through these efforts that providing business entertainment or gifts for business partners in an improper manner may impair appropriate business relationships and the soundness of business, and that such conducts violate our internal rules and regulations and the compliance manual. Our employees and employees of our business partners are encouraged to report any violation of laws or service disciplines or any other problematic matter regarding compliance directly to the compliance hotline.

Framework for Collaboration and Cooperation with Related Parties and Business Partners

[Framework for collaboration cooperation with building management companies]

  • The emergency contact network for emergencies during night time or on holidays has been established between Hulic and building management companies. With this network, we maintain a framework for responding promptly to emergencies.
  • We have introduced a safety confirmation system with real estate management companies through the Internet for swiftly sharing information and verifying the extent of damage.

[Framework for collaboration and cooperation with construction companies]
We have concluded contingency agreements with major construction companies under which they agree to cooperate to assess destruction status and damages of Hulic’s buildings immediately following a large-scale disaster, and offer full cooperation for the restoration and recovery of our buildings while putting the highest priority on ensuring safety.

Cooperative Structure with Business Partners

CSR Procurement Policy

Hulic actively engages in sustainability activities as a company involved in the real estate industry. We have formulated a policy on procurement and purchasing to further develop our sustainability initiatives. In addition, we promote sustainability activities across the entire value chain by applying this policy to business partners as well.

  1. We will comply with laws, regulations and social norms, and undertake business activities based on a set of corporate ethics.
  2. We will respect the fundamental human rights of all people.

    • Prohibition of discrimination
      We prohibit any discrimination against any person on the ground of his or her belief, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, race, nationality, origin, physical or mental disability, etc.
    • Prohibition of harassment
      We prohibit any act, including sexual harassment or abuse of authority, to inflict emotional distress on any person by language or behavior that damages his or her character or dignity.
    • Prohibition of child labor
      We prohibit any child labor.
    • Prohibition of forced labor
      We prohibit any forced labor carried out through violent acts or intimidation.
    • Respect for the right of freedom of association and right of collective bargaining
      In line with international labor standards, we respect the right of freedom of association and right of collective bargaining.
    • Reduction of excessive working hours
      In addition to ensuring compliance with labor-management agreements, including the 36 Agreement and laws and regulations of relevant countries and regions, we adopt basic policies to reduce overtime work and limit excessive work.
    • Securing of health and safety of workers
      In accordance with laws and regulations of relevant countries and regions, including the Labor Standards Act, we endeavor to offer a workplace where workers can work healthily and safely.
    • Payment of wages over minimum wage
      We pay wages over minimum wages prescribed in various local laws and regulations as well as the Minimum Wage Act.
  3. We will take consideration of environmental conservation and will strive to promote green procurement.
    We will endeavor to conduct procurement in accordance with the Hulic Green Procurement Policy in order to realize a sustainable society.
  4. We will build an information management system and manage information appropriately.
  5. We will carry out fair and equitable business transactions and build trusting relationships with business partners.
  6. We will strive to provide safety, peace of mind and high quality.

Initiatives for PPP project

Hulic promotes the creation of social and economic values through Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects from the viewpoint of not only real the estate business but also addressing social needs and challenges.
PPP projects intend to efficiently utilize and operate real estate owned by national or local governments (public real estate) through collaboration and cooperation between the public and private sectors. We are actively engaged in PPP projects by utilizing abundant development track record and a stable business base as one of the leading companies of PPP projects. Taking into account challenges and needs of administrative agencies and communities through exchanges of information with them, we aim to contribute to the regional economy by settling the issues of the communities and realizing business to improve the value of public real estate through collaboration between the public and private sectors.

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