Quick Understanding of HULIC


Safe and earthquake-resistant buildings

Since many earthquakes happen in Japan, Hulic’s buildings meet high-level earthquake-resistant standard.

For environment

Hulic has been promoting environmental management, such as information disclosures based on TCFD recommendations*1, with recognition of increasing importance of sustainable development. As one aspect of that, we are, with the increased efforts, developing electricity power plants using renewable energy such as solar power and small hydropower.

  • non-FIT Solar power plant (Kazo, Saitama)
  • Small hydroelectric system(Tone, Gunma)

Through the initiatives for development of in-house renewable electricity power plants, Hulic aims to achieve RE100*3 by 2024, powering the Hulic’s Headquarter building and buildings used by the Group companies*2 with self-generated renewable electricity. Furthermore, by 2030, we will achieve Net Zero CO2 emissions, supplying self-generated renewable electricity to all our lease properties*4.

Roadmap to achieve Net Zero CO2 emissions by 2030

  • *1TCFD is an abbreviation for the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures, which was created by the Financial Stability Board (FSB) at the request of G20, and makes recommendations on climate change-related disclosures to companies and such.
  • *2Includes the directly managing inns (Hotels and Ryokans).
  • *3RE100 is an abbreviation of Renewable Electricity 100% and is an international initiative in which member companies aim to use 100% renewable sources for the energy required for their business activities.
  • *4Excludes single-tenant properties, residential properties, unmanaged shared properties for which Hulic does not manage energy, and real estate for sale.

For employees

For hiring efficient human resources, Hulic provides comfortable working environment and high-level benefit programs.

  • Nursery school in Headquarter
  • Extra care subsidiary for child bearing
  • Free dormitory for young employees
  • Free cafeteria services etc.
  • Abundant of training programs
  • Fair compensation system
Nursery school in Headquarter

For Society

As CSR activity for society, Hulic supports Japan Para- Badminton Federation and Japan Shogi Association. Every year Hulic hosts summer festival for local community.

  • Pala-Badminton
  • Shogi
  • Local community
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